There are always two people in every picture. The photographer and the viewer – Ansel Adams

When I take the camera to my hand I desire to uncover what is hidden. Hide ordinariness, rediscover commonness. To transform, to modify, to astonish. Sometimes just to expose. To paint with the light, to charm with the image. To flexibly reveal thoughts.

Searching for the new frames brings me as much pleasure as distress and pain of creation. It is not just for the simple imaging of surroundings but for the creative giving part of my personality and my thoughts to my photos. I am trying to create fine worlds leaning towards the reflexion and moment of being lost in thoughts. This is the world which I would like myself to escape into so as to take a breather from dullness of everyday life. Even though there are not any people in the photographs I want to believe that they are not the hollow worlds.

Owing to the painting with the light, I feel more intensively, I fully experience. The photography has changed my life and the way of looking at world. I hope the photographs which you are going to find on my site underlie certificate of my passion and the joy of life coming from it.

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